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On-Demand Lifestyle Services

Business Consultancy

A range of sectors to address challenges across the full business lifecycle.

Wealth Preservation

Wide range of professional tax, legal, and wealth preservation strategies.

Private Security

Stability and protection; a small price to pay to protect loved ones or business interests.


Yacht ownership strategies to actually make a profit from yacht ownership.


Domestic or international private jet flights; efficient, flexible, and safe.

Luxury Transportation

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, arrive and depart in style.

Delegate to the Experienced Professionals

Building relationships with your clients is an integral part of any business.  We utilize our highly skilled network of professionals to out-source tasks that are important for success.  So don’t stress.  Let us help.

“Pick one thing you’re passionate about and do it better than everyone else. Too many people have 1,000 brilliant ideas and never start any of them. Instead, they get involved in everyone else’s business…Stay in your lane and delegate to experienced professionals.” 

James Daily, founding partner of Daily Law Group, which helps high-profile clients with fiduciary abuse litigation. (CNBC: 10 Mistakes that Rich and Successful People Never Make.)